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About us

Off the shelf. Or custom-made.

We have a lot to offer you: our wide range of goods, plus comprehensive expertise. As specialists for magnetic materials, systems and components, we develop innovations that are not yet available when you need them. We are experienced in finding tailored solutions for complex requirements.

Opposites complement each other.

thyssenkrupp Magnettechnik customized solutions

We know that elementary particles can move great things. After all, what would be big without small? Plus without minus? Innovation without tradition? Or success without responsibility? At thyssenkrupp Magnettechnik we bring things together to help you solve your tasks. Our experts from around the region are at home in the world’s user and procurement markets.

We help you to identify or develop components and complete solutions that suit your requirements – from headphones to magnetic separators, from MRTs to brake magnet systems.

Tradition comes with responsibility. So does the future. 

thyssenkrupp Magnettechnik Tradition

Staying grounded – that’s our way of life. We have been specialists in magnetic technology for 100 years. We know what’s what: Because in addition to physical knowledge, we have over 10 decades of solid experience and valuable practical knowledge. We are deeply rooted in the Ruhr area and support customers in meeting the demands of globalization.

 We supply and advise small businesses and large corporations alike. Well and truly. As part of a responsible, traditional company, we participate in visionary joint projects; for example, with intercultural perspectives or environmental protection ideas. The groundbreaking solar car was developed in cooperation with Bochum university and thyssenkrupp and in close collaboration between science and industry.

Here, quality is standard. On a small or a large scale.

thyssenkrupp Magnettechnik Quality

Our standards are high. And that’s just one of the reasons why our standard products are highly reliable components that not only carry a lot of weight, but also a great deal of responsibility day after day:

Single magnets allow motors, loudspeakers, couplings and rotors to function or loads to float, while magnet systems make it possible to separate materials and handle huge sheets and the heaviest slabs. Whatever it is you want to move – we supply the components that meet your requirements.