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Magnets move us. From the very beginning.

Magnets move us. From the very beginning, thyssenkrupp Magnettechnik

You have a fresh idea and are looking for the right technical solution?

Magnetic force can set inventions in motion that make life easier. In a sleeping aid our magnets rock the pram and the baby gently and quietly to sleep.

What do you want to move? We can rock the baby together.

First, we listen. Then we develop the solution.

First we listen. Then we develop the solution, thyssenkrupp Magnettechnik

We will guide you through the wonderful world of magnets, their infinite variations, shapes and possibilities. Tell us about your task and we will find the key – regardless of whether it’s an AlNiCo magnet, plastic-bonded hard ferrite or a rare earth compound, standard article or complex magnet system.

We send out 300,000 magnets from Essen daily.
Some of them we send to the desert.

We send out 300,000 magnets from Essen daily, thyssenkrupp Magnettechnik

200 of our best permanent magnets drive the highly efficient wheel hub motors of the sleek thyssenkrupp blue.cruiser on its way to the future. At the world championship for solar cars, our magnets leave the Australian heat and penetrating dust cold.

Our magnets make life easier.
And sometimes have to carry a heavy load.

Our magnets make life easier, thyssenkrupp Magnettechnik

Our products are everywhere, in the bathroom as well as in the cargo port. When they lift, hold and position things for us, they do so reliably and safely. Without drilling, without screws – solely with magnetic force. And in record time.

We dive deep into the topic of magnetic technology.
That’s when we really hit the heights.

We dive deep into  the topic of magnetic technology, thyssenkrupp Magnettechnik

Our specialists are heroes of magnetic power: The 200-meter cable of the high-speed elevators in the One World Trade Center was twisting and turning over and over again until our experts installed a reliable guidance system made of neodymium-iron-boron magnets – they guide the 400-kilogram cable in the elevator shaft as safely as if it were on rails.

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