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Filter magnets

Filter magnets are used to remove ferromagnetic impurities from liquid, granular or powdered media. They are mainly used in the food and animal feed industries, but also by plastic and wood processing companies.

Consisting of neodymium-iron-boron magnets in a welded stainless-steel tube that is impervious to liquids, filter magnets are deployed singly or in grid arrangements depending on the cross-section of the supply line. Depending on their structure or function, they are also known as filter rods or magnetic separators.

Due to the use of powerful NdFeB material, filter magnets have a high surface flux density and thus achieve high levels of magnetic separation.

Filter magnets ensure high product quality free of ferrous contaminations, can be retrofitted and are low-maintenance.

Filter bar, thyssenkrupp Magnettechnik
Filter magnet grid, thyssenkrupp Magnettechnik
Filter magnets, thyssenkrupp Magnettechnik