Mechanical magnetic pole tester

Mechanical magnetic pole tester, thyssenkrupp Magnettechnik

Small size, big functions! The pocket-size mechanic magnetic pole tester features a 180° display that shows the magnetic pole as well as the field lines in the stray field. All you have to do for the measurement is place the tip of the pole tester on the magnet.

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Electronic magnetic pole tester

Electronic magnetic pole tester, thyssenkrupp Magnettechnik

The electronic magnetic pole tester is a handy tool, e.g. for measuring stray magnetic fields of packaging materials, checking the magnetization direction, coil testing or taking measurements during the assembly of engines. The device immediately displays the magnetic pole and is clearly readable even in spaces that are dark or difficult to access.

Now also with audible sound!

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Manual GaussMeter

Take two measurements in a single step with the thyssenkrupp hand-held gauss meter. The device can measure the flux density as well as the polarity, and is very easy to use. It is a helpful tool when it comes to measuring the flux density on the magnet’s surface and in the air gap of systems, for the comparative measurement of magnets, or for rapid inward goods and quality inspections.

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