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Even in today's digitized world, the whiteboard is still a contemporary, practical presentation and planning board that is used in many areas. Whether in meeting rooms, training rooms, offices, universities or schools - the whiteboard is the classic for capturing important tasks, appointments, diagrams, photos and spontaneous notes centrally and presenting them optimally.

Our whiteboard offers a great deal of design freedom, as the protective lacquered white surface can be written on and is magnetic at the same time. On the one hand, the whiteboard can be labeled with board markers and then simply wiped dry or wet, and on the other hand, the magnetic property allows information, diagrams and images to be easily attached using decorative magnets.

The whiteboard has a robust yet lightweight aluminum frame that is screwed to the wall through four rounded plastic corners. In this way, the whiteboard can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. Unsightly fastening material is also covered and injuries from sharp edges are prevented. The whiteboard is completed by a practical storage tray made of aluminum, on which pens, sponge and magnets are always within reach and which can be hung on the short or long side.

Our whiteboards are available in a variety of sizes. From a smaller board for the home to a large-format board that is perfect for office or meeting rooms.

Product range

Whiteboards including pen tray and mounting kit are immediately available in the following sizes:

Part number L cmB cmColour