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Colour magnetic foil

Colour magnetic foil is used for storage labeling or for planning and visualization tasks in many industrial and domestic settings.

The 0,9 mm thick magnetic film in DIN A4 format offers reliable adhesion to all smooth metal surfaces and is the perfect choice if you want to design your own magnets. Be they for labeling stock, warnings, lettering, numbering, or symbols – the only limit is your imagination. Simply choose a motif, cut to the desired shape, and your custom magnet is ready. You can then write or draw on the colour PVC surface with waterproof pens. Printing using digital and screen printing processes is generally possible but should be tested on the printer beforehand.

The magnet film in DIN A4 format is available in the colours white, red, yellow, or blue as standard. Additional dimensions, colours or types available on request.

Product range

Colour magnetic foil is immediately available in the following sizes and colours:

Part numberColourVersionFormatD* mm
M20002300B620Nwhitematt297 x 210 mm (DIN A4) 1
M20002400B620Nredmatt297 x 210 mm (DIN A4) 1
M20002500B620Nyellowmatt297 x 210 mm (DIN A4) 1
M20002600B620Nbluematt297 x 210 mm (DIN A4) 1
* The thickness "D" refers to the total thickness, i.e. the thickness of the magnetic foil including the thickness of the PVC coating (0.1 mm).
Additional dimensions, colours or types available on request.