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Magnetic tapes for labeling

Magnetic signs that can be written on are ideal for clearly labeling shelves, cabinets, or drawers. In storage areas, offices, homes, or schools – magnetic signs keep everything in order. No adhesives or drilling required.

Magnetic tape on a roll gives you total freedom to decide the size of your magnetic signs. Simply cut the desired length using a household scissors and attach the magnetic signs securely to all smooth, ferrous surfaces in a snap. They can also be replaced if necessary without leaving any marks.

The durable white PVC surface can be written on using water-soluble pens and wiped clean over and over again.

These magnetic signs are popular for planning and presenting on whiteboards, flip charts, and magnetic boards, as they can be flexibly used and reused.

The magnetic tape rolls are 5 m long and available in various widths. Additional dimensions, colours or types available on request.

Product range

Magnetic tapes for labeling are immediately available on rolls in the following sizes:

Part numberColourVersionL mB mmD* mm
* The thickness "D" refers to the total thickness, i.e. the thickness of the magnetic foil including the thickness of the PVC coating (0.1 mm).
Additional dimensions, colours or types available on request.